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Water Fire Extinguishers

Water Fire Extinguishers - Stored Pressure / Cartridge Operated

The Security Network Extinguisher Class A

The Security Network Extinguisher Water in England, Wales, UK

Water fire extinguishers are ideal for Class A type fires involving freely burning materials such as wood, paper and fabrics. Water is a fast, efficient means of extinguishing these fires. The water fire extinguishers are available in both gas cartridge operated and stored pressure versions. Both fire extinguishers are kite marked and have an impressive fire fighting performance.

● Plastic headcap incorporating a metal valve body for increased strength (cartridge operated model)
● 15 bar working pressure increases the application reach ensuring operator safety (stored pressure model)
● Polyester external coating adds protection against extreme temperatures, dirty environments and UV degradation
● Polythene internal lining safeguards against corrosion
● Pressure gauge provides instant check of extinguisher's pressure status (stored pressure model)
● Robust plastic skirt, for added protection to floor surfaces

Available Models

Water fire extinguisher - stored pressure - 9 litre capacity
Water fire extinguisher - cartridge operated - 9 litre capacity

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